Royal is from North America, lived mostly in California with some formative years in Michigan. His current base in the US is Hawaii. He travels often to India and South East Asia.

The following is a simple confession attempting to use words to point to That which is beyond and more intimate than language, an unspeakable treasure, our essential nature of Being which is always ever-present and available.

1990 - My spiritual search began. Unfulfilled, despite achievements in consumption and the elusive moments of pleasure, I experienced a long period of an existential crisis. Disillusioned I began a relentless spiritual quest studying eastern, western scripture, yoga, quantum theory, methods, sacred geometry, techniques, initiations, shamanic, esoteric, mystic traditions, the healing arts and more.

1996 - Exhausted, yet matured, Advaita and the Non Dual wisdom traditions were revealed. This formed the foundation of my interest and practice for the next 20 years. I attended retreats, meetings and shared company with renown living non-dual teachers along with absorbing the living transmissions from the writings and recordings of past awakened beings specifically, Sri Ramana Maharshi and Robert Adams, my root Lineage.