Living on Prana

The body can be light, vibrant, fresh and alive or dull, grey, heavy and lifeless. Choosing a diet that is compassionate to animals and nature, nature responds by being kind and compassionate in return. This is a ‘relative’ law of cause and effect. Our food choices support a sustainable planetary future or not. Food choices are political choices. When what the body is fed evolves, human existence evolves. It’s a choice demonstrating an authentic intention to be aligned with the natural laws of the Universe. One's relationship to food is very intimate. We are stewards of the body temple. There is more space for grace to reside when the temple is clean and pure. A temple full of waste is less receptive to the subtleties of the body’s divine wisdom. The control of ones appetite is a hallmark of embodied Awakeness.

Royal has lived an ascetic, yogic, sattvic lifestyle for most of his adult life. In 2002 he completed the 21-day breatharian conversion process and currently continues adapting to and primarily being nourished by Prana alone. He receives spontaneous downloads from our collective quantum field and retention of dormant extrasensory abilities increase steadily. The human body is advanced technology. We can all be nourished by Prana eliminating the need to eat physical food except for entertainment.

Living on Prana means nourishing your body with Prana, which is the life-force, qi or chi, vital energy all around us. We absorb it through our breath and skin. People who live on Prana are also referred to as breatharian, inedia or even sungazers.

Different types of a Pranic lifestyle:

No food, no water. I’m aware of just a few people on earth living this way and some call this the true breatharians.

No food but drinking water/tea.

No solid foods but drinking water and juices.

Water/juices and sometimes a light plant-based meal, mostly on social occasions.

Water/juices and once or twice a week a light meal with more variation.

They all live on Prana, but they do not all live on breath alone. The commonality is that there’s no requirement of food to provide the body with vitality and nutrients to function, it is provided by Prana. There is no hunger, so when a light meal is taken, it is often in a social setting or for pure entertainment.

Living on Prana will be incomprehensible for most, something that is not possible because of learned beliefs that the body can only function when it eats. But what if absorption of energy and nutrients through the breath and skin is possible? Can the skin function as solar panels?

When there is acceptance, belief and faith that it is possible to live on Prana, the readiness will be there to try this evolutionary experiment. If there’s doubt, progress will reflect this. The conditioning (limiting beliefs, traumas, etc.) in cell memory will resume feeding the apparent hunger. Therefore it is crucial to cleanse and detox the body first, this is achieved through a variety of techniques and protocols.

The social environment (friends and family) may not be able to accept it. Lack of understanding, fear and disbelief that Living on Prana is possible will affect how those around you react. If one puts concerns aside then there’s the readiness to embody a more dynamic vibrational frequency. This will result in the body being healthier, enabling illnesses and conditions to heal, intuition will strengthen and many other positive changes to the body will occur.