Plant Allies

1997 - I was introduced to Entheogens. I participated in shamanic formal ceremonies within a group context as well as solitary journeys. These powerful plant teachers played a formidable role as catalysts exposing the inherent “somebody” and its stories, core beliefs and patterns. My intent to connect with the complex, enlightened psyche of plants was always the same, a reoccurring theme of “ego death,” dissolving the fictitious, ephemeral personage. On one occasion sitting quietly, eyes closed and blindfolded my middle eye spontaneously opened piercing through the blindfold and was clearly able to see from a 360 degree viewpoint which felt like it lasted a minute or two.

This was not a hallucination! My sense is this siddhi spontaneously arose due to an obliteration of inherent conditioning, everything learned, known and believed, thereby activating dormant potential for an astonishing synergistic response. I share this only to demonstrate what can arise from the dormant, dynamic blank canvas of creation, existence, your Self.

This experimental phase with the sacred plants assisted in affirming that this all-linclusive moment, this completeness that we are doesn’t need to ‘do’ or ‘take’ anything to arrive at a place our eternal true Self already occupies, permeating all.