Sudden Awakening

2001 - Driving my car, on a road trip I stopped to sit quietly at a secluded beach cove surrounded by sea cliffs in Big Sur, California. 20 minutes later suddenly I awakened and was bound to surrender to this profound expansion of consciousness. The house of cards called separate reality collapsed - the bottom fell out of the paradigm of individuality. This dissolution of a “somebody” was unpredictable and beyond description. My essence expanded leaving my motionless corpse-like body encompassing my surroundings.

My physical form and sense of identity vanished and everything became outside of space and time revealing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Oneness with everything, an exuberant awareness and an overflowing of love permeated everything. With this came comprehension of the totality, omniscience. This occurred in a flash and felt eternal.

As a result my personal story and all questions and doubts finally ended. This spiritual awakening was experienced through the direct transmission of my primary teacher, Sri Ramana Maharshi.Bhagavan's influence began in 1996 and eventually his guidance matured and the transmission on this day was complete.

Royal was left with deep empathy into the root illusion behind all suffering and a devotion and love of the eternal moment which eventually blossomed into a spontaneous unfoldment of Grace.

Paradoxically, enlightenment is not a happening, it’s not an event. Enlightenment does not happen, because enlightenment is your essential nature; you are enlightenment. This is why it can happen suddenly, and it happens without cause.