Royal offers in-person, phone, skype and email mentoring. Your process can be catalyzed by a relationship with a spiritual guide who is grounded as present awareness and devoted to nurturing it in others. Royal offers spiritual mentoring designed to give people direct insight into their essential true nature, which is the source of true freedom. These sessions are powerful, intimate invitations to open to the peace and love that you essentially are.

What is spiritual mentoring?

In essence, the mentoring I offer is a form of satsang, a Sanskrit word that refers to the practice of sharing truth with others. "Satsang" literally means "being together in truth." In our work together I hold the deeper understanding that this very moment, with all its apparent imperfections, is complete, perfect, and sacred as it is. Nothing need to be added, subtracted, or changed - nothing, except perception itself. This truth is your natural state. Children experience life this way until taught otherwise.

This simple truth, however, is elusive because of the conditioned view of the apparent separate self you imagine yourself to be. From this view life is a struggle in a difficult, imperfect world. Our work involves awakening from this dream of separation and realizing the peace and joy of our essential true nature.

My approach involves welcoming your experience exactly the way it is, including difficult emotions and mind states, while learning to rest in the silent presence that underlies all experience. In our work together you learn to welcome your experience while inquiring into the core beliefs and habitual patterns that cause suffering. The space we create together is welcoming, and nonjudgmental. There is a shared oneness, because essentially we are not two.

Contact me if you wish to explore the possibility of working together. A free, initial consultation is offered. Further details will be sent to you.